Suzuki Innovation Centre (SIC) is jointly established by Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan (SMC) and IIT Hyderabad under a vision of “Creating Innovations for India and Japan''. It aims to provide a platform for open innovation and connecting innovators among Industries, Academia, and Startups, between both the nations.

3 Pillars of SIC's activities


Startups, Universities, and Industries from India and Japan, with each other, via various networking events


Human Resources between India and Japan, including students from IITs/IIMs and corporate employees from Japan to India,


In the domain of Rural India, Carbon Neutrality, supply chain, HealthCare and beyond.

SIC is focused on the 0-1 stage of Idea

(Idea creation and Idea Validation), where we provide the strategic base and field for testing and activation so that our stakeholder’s enthusiastic business idea and seeds of innovation come to reality. SIC stands on a history of collaboration that has been nurtured in trust in these two countries. And now, it is developing into a larger circle of partnership, more eagerly connecting people, breaking down the boundaries between academia, industry, and startups, and building an organic network of people that will be a solid foundation for the next 100 years.






News 17 May 2023


"Encourage and empower Grassroot innovators to achieve business inclusion of villagers"

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